Will a degree in Aviation help me become a pilot?

To answer it simply, yes. A degree in Aviation Engineering Technology will surely help you become a pilot.

Let’s dig a little deeper and analyze your options now.

Requirements for becoming a Commercial Pilot

In Pakistan, the basic requirements to become a Commercial Pilot are:

  • Minimum degree level: Intermediate or equivalent degree
  • Exceptional Fitness
  • Completion of 200 hours of flying
  • Possessing a Commercial Pilot’s license

These are the minimum requirements.

Notice that 200 hours of flying comes before the license. This is because each applicant is first issued a Student Pilot License and after the required training is complete and 200 hours of flying completed, the individual is then eligible to take the test that decides if they get a license or not.

Why get a degree then?

If an F.Sc degree is enough to land a Commercial Piloting License, why get a 4 year degree then?

There are a few reasons for this. Some of them are listed below.

  1. It’s like any other job. Remember it is a commercial pilot’s post that’s under consideration here. Like any other job, the more qualified you are the better your start will be. A better degree means you get a head start when you enter your professional life.
  2. A degree in Aviation Engineering Technology means that you will learn about the mechanics and maintenance of aircrafts. This kind of advanced knowledge will most likely lead to exemptions at the time of training. This means that you will be able to start your career soon after getting your license.
  3. A degree opens up your options and provides you with a higher chance of getting appointed in international airlines.
  4. A degree constitutes a solid back up. With a degree in Aviation, you can pursue other jobs in the field of Aviation apart from becoming a pilot. It also means that you have options after retirement.

There is never any harm in getting an education. You only improve your chances of having a solid career.

Who else can pursue this degree?

A degree in Aviation Engineering Technology is also useful for those who are not necessarily looking to start a career as a pilot but are more interested in aircraft design and engineering.

This degree will open a world of options for you if you are planning to pursue a career in Aviation.

We hope this piece was useful and that it helped you make up your mind about pursuing a degree in Aviation. Good luck!