What is the scope of Artificial Intelligence?

Have you ever wondered what the future of AI is? What kind of jobs can AI professionals get? What kind of products can you work on? Don’t worry, we have all the answers for you here:

According to the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, AI is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

In simple terms, it means the ability of a machine to mimic or copy human intelligence, and hence figure out patterns, learn through data, and make logical decisions without the need for any human intervention.

Hollywood movies have led us to believe that AI only includes robots that live with humans and are either very helpful and nice or they are trying to bring about a robot revolution and want to erase humankind altogether.

Though it cannot be said that this will not be true in the future, right now AI is being used for very relevant applications. These are applications that many of us are using in our daily lives, yet we are unaware that AI is being used in the backend to operate these processes.

Here are some applications that are using AI behind the scenes to operate:

  • Virtual Assistants:

Did you know that Google Assistant (if you’re on an Android) and Siri (if you have an Apple device) both work on the principles of AI? These virtual assistants use Artificial Intelligence to recognize your speech, convert it into text, and then act upon those commands if any action is needed.

Voice recognition is actually a much more complex task than you might think. Different people around the world have different accents, different speeds of talking, and unique ways of pronouncing the same words. However, these virtual assistants are made to serve the needs of all these very different people around the world. In recent years, the word error rate of speech recognition engines has drastically gone down to less than 10%. How is that possible? How do these virtual assistants cater to such a wide range of users do it? The answer is: through the use of AI.

In order to train these virtual assistants to recognize different words in different accents, they make use of a learning technique called deep learning. In deep learning, these virtual assistants are provided large amounts of unfiltered raw data and these programs then make use of powerful speech recognition algorithms in order to make logical patterns from the data. This is how these virtual assistants are trained to recognize different words.

  • Video Games:

Did you know that a lot of video games you play everyday actually make use of AI technology? The main area where AI is utilized is for Non-Player Characters (NPCs). NPCs are usually the computer-controlled opponents you face in video games. AI is how modern chess games are able to beat chess world champions. These games change how the opponents or enemies respond based on your actions. AI analyzes your style of playing and then adapts the actions of the opponents accordingly to provide you the biggest challenge possible.

  • Self-driving cars: Now I understand that this is something that not all of us have experienced like the previous two examples. However, self-driving cars are a major example of how AI is used in real-world applications. Companies like TESLA intensively make use of AI in-order to program their cars to be able to drive on their own and make the right decisions on the road. This is done through the use of various machine learning techniques.

As you can see, AI is used for the development of a number of everyday applications. Robots are not the only machines that can make use of AI technology. And if you are to pursue a career in this field you will most likely be working with AI technologies in cell phones and cars before you can work with human-like robots.

Of course, if working with robots is what you would like to do, then you will definitely get opportunities to pursue such opportunities. What I am trying to say is that the scope of AI goes far and beyond robotics.

The possible employers you can have as an AI developer varies as well. These employers can range from private and public companies to government agencies and the military.

It is also very important to know what type of positions you can hope to have if you work in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Potential roles you can have if you pursue a career in AI include:

  • Data scientist
  • Software developer
  • Computer engineer
  • Algorithm specialist
  • Research scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Manufacturing and electrical engineer
  • Surgical technician and mechanical engineer
  • Military and aviation electrician


 There is a reason why Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest buzzwords of the modern era. There is a reason why billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg have invested millions into developing AI technologies. There is a reason why Bill Gates said that if he were to start a company today then it would revolve around Artificial Intelligence. There is a reason why it is estimated that AI will be an $18 billion industry by 2022. There is a reason why AI-related jobs have more than doubled in the past three years. All of these are indications of what the future holds for AI. The future is AI, whether you like it or not.