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‘Superior Entrepreneurial Expo’ is the embodiment of entrepreneurial dreams of Pakistani youth. Students of entrepreneurship from Superior University display their prototypes and startups at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo in August every year. Hundreds of Superior faculty members vigilantly coach and train these startups with their expertise.

This is where passion for doing something beyond imagination finds a firm ground. Innovation seeks applicability and creativity meets feasibility at SEE Pakistan. Hundreds of successful creative startups have been showcased at Entrepreneurial Expos. Out of which numerous have brought great accolades for Pakistan by winning national and international entrepreneurial idea competitions.

Numerology of SEE
  • 330+ Startups
  • 1665+ Superheroes trained
  • 80+ Coaches
  • 10 International Investors and Speakers
  • 70 Industry Investors and Speakers
  • 13 Trainers
  • 12 Programs
  • 10 Faculties
  • 21 Departments