The Superior Education

We, at Superior, are steered by our values. ‘Facilitating superior human beings’ was the intent which gave rise to the Superior College Lahore. Known for the quality education provision with 250 college campuses across the province, we are continuously growing with a dedication to fulfil our mission.

Our efforts for the international recognition of The Superior College have led us to establish collaborations with more than 125 institutions all across the globe. The huge number of international educational partnerships is a result of our wide range of study programs being offered at the college.  We have 80 plus degree programs with more than 55 international exchange programs.  

The backbone of our educational excellence is the number of seasoned, foreign qualified and PhD faculty members. We have a total of 509 faculty members in which 65 are PhD faculty members and 10 are international faculty members teaching our students at a student teacher ratio of 16.67:1. This exclusive focus on each student is a key to developing Superior citizens who are becoming capable of contributing for a Superior nation.

At the same time, our educational model is designed as per the international standards to produce the 21st century market ready graduates. Our latest pedagogies in Objective Based Learning (OBL) include Action & Experiential Learning, Project Based Learning (PBL) and Active Industrial Engagements Learning.

We have created an ideal mix of theory and experiential learning in our ‘3U1M’ model (3 years in college, 1 year in market). This innovative experiential learning journey of 3U1M is designed after deep research and collaboration with seasoned industry gurus. It consists of innovative curriculum approved by the educational standards defined by the HEC. We take pride in 3U1M model which has successfully bridged the corporate-academia gap.

‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’ is led by Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED). We aim to produce market ready, emotionally intelligent and socially responsible citizens who can positively impact Pakistan both economically and socially.

Acclaimed with our innovative initiatives and exclusive student-focus, we feel safe to say that The Superior College is now considered to be one of the best educational institutes in Pakistan.