Prof. Dr. Akhlaq Hussain Shamsi

Dean Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Dean’s Message

It is the world of communications where words, graphics, visuals, arts find their new maestros. Our Faculty will make you run for your dreams and will make you what you desire in your life. Our program prepares the students for various media careers and trains them to face the challenges of keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies and debates; making them expert communicators. Superior well-rounded curriculum focuses equally on the theory and the practicum. Each Superior graduate is multi-skilled and capable of handling all
stages of media production, from writing to editing, independently. Alongside, they are able to analyze media texts and representations from different perspectives. We imbue in our students a sharp commercial acumen making them ambitious entrepreneurs, and yet ethical and responsible citizens. On our journey
of creating these professionals, we strive to transform them into worthy competitors in the domain of professional media. The biggest plus of choosing Superior is our national television Neo TV, Lahore Rang, FM 106.6 and Nai Baat Newspaper. This galaxy will give you the hands-on practice and you will experience real time professional media from day one. You will get a chance to enhance your skills and groom yourself
as a Media Entreprenuer who is willing to fight the cultural war with the west. Your years with us will mark the most memorable days of your life. We know the most important person of your life is you and we want you to be Superior.

Prof. Dr. Akhlaq Hussain Shamsi