Dr. Rashida Perveen AP AHS

Dr Rashida Perveen

Allied Health Sciences



  • PhDUAF
  • FSCFaisalabad Board

Academic Achievements

  • IRSIP scholarshipUAF
  • Indigenous PhD fellowshipUAF
  • Pak- US scholarshipUAF

Non-academic Achievements

    Distinctions, awards & nominations

    • Supervised research of 6 BS (Hons) Home Economics students with “Food and Nutrition” major during year 2014-15
    • Supervised internship of 14 BS (Hons) Home Economics students with “Food and Nutrition” major during year 2015-17
    • Progress in nutrition journal, Journal of Food processing and preservation and advance dairy technology


    • Book Reading Travelling Kitchen Gardening


    • 1) Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) carotenoids & lycopenes chemistry; Metabolism, absorption, nutrition and allied health claims- A comprehensive review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 55(7): 919 – 929. (Impact factor = 5.548)
    • 2) Hafiz arbab sikandar, Sarfraz Ahmad Rashida Perveen, Hafiz Khurram waseem aslam, Azam Shakeel, Faizan Ahmad sadiq and Muhammad Imran (2018). Camel milk and its allied health claims: A review. 2018. Progress in nutrition, 20(1): 15-29 (Imapct Factor= 0.312)
    • 3) Rashida Perveen, Masood sadiq Butt, Hafiz Arbab Sikandar. (2018). Sensory attributes of mineral fortified low fat buffalo milk cheddar cheese". 2018. Progress in nutrition, 20(1): 298-304. (Impact Factor= 0.312)
    • Sabahat Yaqub, Hafiz Arbab Sakandar, Qaiser Farid Khan, Muhammad Imran, Abdur Rehman, Rashida Perveen, Ayesha Sameen. (2018). Effects of Artificial Sweeteners on the Quality Parameters of Yogurt during Storage. Progress in nutrition, 20(2): 57-63. (Impact Factor= 0.312)
    • 5) Rashida Perveen. (2018). Therapeutic effects of black cumin (Nigella sativa); A systematic review.Accepted in Progress in Nutrition Journal (Impact Factor= 0.312)

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