How can I improve my interior design skills?

Are you looking to brush up on your interior design skills? Here’s a list of things you can do to get on top of your game.

Interior design is a budding profession. There are many people out there who have seen the demand in this field and wish to capitalize on the opportunity to show off their impressive design skills and make some money in the process. With such saturation in the market, it can become difficult for a beginner in the industry to make themselves stand out.

Today we will look at some tips that you can consider if you wish to hone your interior design skills so that you may be able to compete with the big dogs of the industry.

 Believe in yourself

As cheesy as it might sound, believing in yourself and your vision is one of the most important things every individual engaging in the creative arts must practice. There is no wrong or right way to design. You must figure out what your style of design is. You must believe in yourself before you can convince someone else (a client) to believe in you.

Brush up on your Math:

Contrary to popular belief, interior design does not only consist of choosing furniture and colours to suit a space. Don’t get me wrong, it does include those activities as well. But it also includes doing quite a bit of Math. Area/volume calculation, scaling, and understanding the geometry of objects are tasks that all interior designers must take part in and which require some sort of mathematical knowledge. Therefore, brushing up on your skills will surely assist you when you go out in the real world.

 Do an internship:

A lot of people have the misconception that they will get a job in the industry as soon as they graduate. The market is very competitive and a great way to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd is by taking up an internship. It can be a great way to gather professional skills while learning from people who have been in the industry for a much longer time that you have. It can give you the edge over someone else who doesn’t have practical experience in the field.

Don’t be scared to experiment:

This is one you should probably practice in your own time when you are doing your own personal projects rather than when you’re working with a client. But experimenting with different ideas can be a great way for you to learn what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you have a vision go through with it, even if it may seem difficult at first. You never know, your idea might just turn out to be a hit!

 Take inspiration from everything around you:

It is very important for an individual indulging in the arts to figure out a creative process that works for them. You can get inspiration from the things around you that you might never have even thought of. Just be on the lookout and have an open mind.

Understand the client:

Once you land your first job, it is imperative that you take your time to figure out what it is that the client actually wants. Beginners in the industry are often keen to show off their design skills and implement their crazy creative ideas when they get their first project. It is important that you not get carried away and make sure you work according to what the client wants and not by what you think looks cool.