Ph.D Economics

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Superior University
Doctoral Programs
Fall 2019
Total Credit
  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Course work: 18 Credit Hour
  • Dissertation: 30 Credit Hour
  • Total Credit Hour: 48


To get admission in our Ph.D. Program the individual should be highly motivated and must possess a passion for research and learning. The admission process is competitive and transparent. The basic requirements are as follows: A minimum of 18 years of education in any relevant field. 3 CGPA in Semester System or 1st Division in Annual System. MS/M.Phil or Equivalent Degrees
Entry Test as per HEC Policy.

Superior University has earned a strong reputation based on its innovative programs, diverse perspectives, students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated leadership abilities, dedicated faculty and staff who provide a supportive learning environment. 

Course Work

Semester 1

Writing Research Proposal 03
Advanced Research Methods 03
Academic Writing 03

Semester 2

Researching and Writing Ph.D Dissertation 03
Doing a Qualitative Research 03
Advanced Quantitative Data 03
Analysis and Interpretations 03

Semester 3

Research Work/Dissertation 30

Core Cources

Advance Research Methods I
Researching and Writing Ph.D. Dissertation
Advance Quantitative Data Analysis and
Comprehensive Examination