MS Data Science (Evening)

Course ID
Superior University
Post Graduate Programs
Fall 2019
Total Credit
  • Total Credit Hours. : 31
  • Total Courses : 10
  • Total Semesters : 4 (2 years )


BS(CS)/BS(SE)/BS(IT)/MCS/MIT with at least 2.50 CGPA


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Course Work

Semester 1

Statistical and Mathematical 3
Methods For Data Science
Tools and Techniques in Data 3
DS Elective-I
Research Methodology 1

Semester 2

Machine Learning 3
DS Elective-II 3
DS Elective-III 3

Semester 3

Research Thesis (Part-I) 3
DS Elective-IV 3

Semester 4

Research Thesis (Part-II) 3
DS Elective-V 3

Elective Courses

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data Analytics
Data Science
Information Security
Data Security & Cryptography
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Advanced Computer Vision
Distributed Computing
Data Visualization
Cloud Computing
Algorithmic trading
Bayesian Data Analysis
Computational Genomics
Deep Reinforcement Learning
Distributed Data Processing
Inference & Representation
Natural Language Processing
Optimization Methods for Data Science
and Machine Learning
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Scientific Computing in Finance
Social Network Analysis
Time Series Analysis and Prediction