Masters Mass Communication

Course ID
Superior University
Post Graduate Programs
Fall 2020
Total Credit
  • Course Duration: 2 years
  • Course Work: 60
  • Thesis: 6
  • Total Credit Hours: 60


Graduation (2 years) or Equivalent in any Domain


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Course Work

Semester 1

Computer Application in Media Studies 3
National and International Affairs 3
Basics of Mass Communication Studies 3
Intro to Media Management 3
Media History, Ethics and Laws 3

Semester 2

Communication Models and Theories 3
Pre-Production Techniques 3
News Writing and Editing Techniques 3
(Urdu and English)
Fundamental of Broadcast Journalism 3
Principles and Practices of 3

Semester 3

Advanced Production 3
Feature, Column & Editorial Writing 3
Principals and Practices of PR 3
Communication Research Methods 3
Development Communication &
Development Reporting 3

Semester 4

Issues in Mass Communication 3
Newspaper and T.V Channel 3
Media Culture & Society 3
TVC Making 3
Online journalism 3