M.Phil Library & Information Management

Course ID
Superior University
Post Graduate Programs
Fall 2019
Total Credit
  • Total Credit Hours :30
  • Total Courses: 8 + Dissertation
  • Total Semesters: 4


16 years of Education In relevant field. Entry Test as per HEC policy.


Superior University has earned a strong reputation based on its innovative programs, diverse perspectives, students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated leadership abilities, dedicated faculty and staff who provide a supportive learning environment. 

Course Work

Semester 1

Theoretical Foundations of Library Science 3
Theoretical Foundations of Information Science 3
Computer Applications in Library & Information Science 3
Quantitative Research 3

Semester 2

Qualitative Research Methods 3
Seminar in Library & Information Science 3
Development of Library & Information Science in Pakistan 3
Marketing of Library and Information Services / Knowledge Management 3

Semester 3 & 4

Dissertation 6