Bs Cyber Security (Morning)

Course ID
Superior Gold Campus
Undergraduate Programs
Fall 2020
Total Credit
  • Total Credit Hours : 134
  • Total Courses : 42
  • Total Semesters : 8


Intermediate (or equivalent) with Mathematics with at least 50% marks. F.Sc. pre-medical students with 50% marks may also take admission, but they must pass two additional mathematics courses in first year.

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Course Work

Semester 1

Programming Fundamentals
Introduction to Computing
Calculus & Analytical Geometry
Applied Physics
English Composition & Comprehension

Semester 2

Object Oriented Programming
Discrete Structures
Technical & Business Writing
Pakistan Studies
Islamic Studies
Probability & Statistics

Semester 3

Data Structures & Algorithms
Cyber Security
Linear Algebra
Communication Skills
IT Supporting-I (Number Theory)
University Elective-I
(Marketing IT Product & Services)

Semester 4

Database Systems
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture
IT Supporting-II (Operations Research)
IT Elective-I (Intrusion Detection System)
IT Elective-II
(Web Application Development)

Semester 5

Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Information Security & Cryptography
Design & Analysis of Algorithms
University Elective-II
(Fundamentals of Business & Finance)

Semester 6

Secure Software Development
Digital Forensic Tools and Techniques
IT Elective-III
(Information Risk Management)
IT Elective-IV
(Mobile Application Development)
IT Supporting-III
(Information Systems Audit)
University Elective-III

Semester 7

Final Year Project (part-I)
Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
Information Hiding
IT Elective-V (Cybercrime Investigation)

Semester 8

Final Year Project (part-II)
Information Security Management
Professional Practices
University Elective-IV (Foreign Language)