BSN Post (RN) – 2 years Degree Program

Course ID
Superior University
Undergraduate Programs
Fall 2020
Total Credit
  • Course Duration: 2 Years
  • Total Credit Hours: 68


F.Sc Pre-Medical Or Equivalent with 45% Marks

This programme is equivalent to M.Sc since the degree is awarded on successful completion of 16 years of education after higher secondary School Education. Basic training & research work is also included.

Superior University has earned a strong reputation based on its innovative programs, diverse perspectives, students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated leadership abilities, dedicated faculty and staff who provide a supportive learning environment. 

Course Work

Semester 1

Life Sciences 3
Health Assessment 4
Teaching Learning Principle & Practice 3
Functional English 2
Computer P/F
Patho-Physiology – I 3
Culture, Health & Society 2

Semester 2

Advance Concept in Nursing – I 6
Introduction to Biostatistics 3
Patho-Physiology – II 3
Academic English 2
Introduction to Nursing Theories and Models 2

Semester 3

Advance Concepts in Nursing – II 6
Introduction to Research 3
Professional Development & Leadership in Healthcare 3
Professional Writing 2
Introduction to Epidemiology 2

Semester 4

Practicum Health Care System Clinical Management Clinical Education Occupational Health Nurse / School Health Nurse 14
Scholarly Writing 2
Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies 3