Associate Degree Program in Computer Science

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Superior University
Undergraduate Programs
Fall 2020


    ICS, I.Com, FSc, F.A, A- Level & Equivalent

    Superior University has earned a strong reputation based on its innovative programs, diverse perspectives, students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated leadership abilities, dedicated faculty and staff who provide a supportive learning environment. 

    Course Work

    Semester 1

    Programming Fundamentals 4
    Introduction to Computing 4
    Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
    Basic Electronics 3
    English Composition and Comprehension 3
    Islamic Studies 2

    Semester 2

    Object Oriented Programing 4
    Digital Logic and Design 4
    Database System 4
    Pakistan Studies 2
    Discrete Structure 3
    Probability & Statistics 3

    Semester 3

    Multivariate Calculus 3
    Computer Architecture 3
    Web Application Development 3
    Communication Skill 3
    Data Structure and Algorithms 4
    Financial Accounting 3

    Semester 4

    Technical & Business Writing 3
    Advanced Computer Programming 3
    Software Engineering 3
    *Final Project
    (Project fee shall be charged separately.) 3