Career options after a degree in Fine Arts

Are you interested in the field of Fine Arts? Wondering what career options are available after obtaining a degree in the field? Read on to find out:

Fine Arts is a field that has gained a lot of bad rep in the past. With the newer generation of young innovative individuals, people are starting to look at Fine Arts as a field that can provide lucrative opportunities for creative people. However, for many people, Fine Arts is a field that only those people go into who are not able to get admission into some of the more common and famous fields like medical, engineering, accounting, law, and others. This is a huge misconception and if you are someone who possesses this misconception, then through this article, we will look to clear up any confusion you might garner toward the field of Fine Arts.

Possible career choices after a degree in Fine Arts

Contrary to popular belief, the range of jobs one can get after a degree in Fine Arts is vast. Here are some possible career paths a Fine Arts degree opens for you:

 1. Illustrator

Illustrators come in many forms. With a degree in Fine Arts, you will be taught the right illustration techniques which will open up a wide range of possible careers in the world of illustration. You can become a fashion illustrator, children’s book illustrator, comic book illustrator, film storyboard illustrator, and even a medical illustrator.

Many illustrators today work from home as freelancers as well. So that is another avenue you can go for.

 2. Designer

A Fine Arts degree can open doors to all types of design jobs, as it will help students learn how to solve problems creatively and prepare them for working both independently and as part of a team.

Some of the careers that a Fine Arts degree opens up for you, as a designer, include graphic design, web design, video game design, and UX/UI Design among others.

 3. Photographer

Photography is one particularly vast field when it comes to art major jobs. During your Fine Arts degree, you will be gaining technical photography knowledge, starting to build an online photography portfolio, while developing your photographer’s eye by learning good observational skills.

Some of the various types of photography careers for art majors include portrait photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, travel photography, photojournalism, landscape photography, wildlife photography, music photography and food photography among others.

 4. Artist

A degree in Fine Arts can help prepare you to become an artist in many different visual art disciplines. It can provide students with background knowledge that will help give context to their art, with subjects like art history and social science. Most art careers offer a lot of freedom in the way they can be approached. But that freedom also means you’ll likely have to put in more effort into promoting yourself. Possible career positions include ceramics artist, sculptor, makeup artist, digital artist, collage artist, glass artist, textile artist, painter, craft maker, and artist assistant.

 5. Fashion Designer

If you like expressing yourself through clothing, fashion design may be the right field for you. A fine art degree can teach you about concepts like fashion history, fashion trends, and color theory that will help you get your fashion design career on the way.

If you’re interested in getting into the world of fashion but don’t feel a design career is right for you, then you might also consider becoming a fashion stylist instead. This job involves coming up with ideas for photo shoots and choosing clothing and accessories for shoots, clients, ads, and events.

 6. Interior Designer

Interior design involves making interior spaces more beautiful, functional, and safe. Interior designers are involved with everything from choosing decor items to designing spaces while keeping in line with building codes.

To become a certified interior designer, you’re probably going to need to take some interior-design-specific courses to get all the specialized knowledge required. But an art degree will help you get started by teaching you about what can go into making space beautiful, such as design theory.

 7. Architect

Similar to interior design, architecture is another art-related job that calls for specialized education as it requires a lot of technical knowledge. But it is still a great option as a career for art majors. You can gain some valuable knowledge from a Fine Arts degree that will help you immensely in your architecture career. You can also draw on your illustration skills when it comes to making plans and getting your ideas across to stakeholders.

 8. Musician

Becoming a musician is another possible career for Fine Arts majors. Some schools offer fine arts degrees with a focus on music, and many schools offer music courses as electives. The knowledge you can pick up from these courses includes everything from music theory and score-reading to composition and audio post-production. This will provide you with a solid background to kickstart your career in the music industry.

 9. Videographer

Another possible career option after you get your Fine Arts degree. This can entail anything from weddings and live events to commercials and training videos. Many art programs include some film study and video production courses these days. Therefore, as an art grad, you’ll be familiar with most of the techniques and basic rules that go into shooting good quality video.