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Is an optometrist a doctor?

Optometry is a growing profession, yet it seems like many people do not have much knowledge about what this profession actually is, what is it that optometrists really do, and how this profession differs from the others in this field.
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Is interior design a good career?

Interior design is a fairly new career in the market. This is not to say that there weren’t people who were doing interior design in the past.
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Why do students study Medical Laboratory Science?

A medical laboratory scientist (MLS) is a healthcare professional who performs analyses of different types of fluids and is involved in the preparation and provision of test results.
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What is the future of journalism?

Many might consider journalism to be a dying career. Ever since the digital revolution, it seems that people have lost interest in traditional media and all the content associated with it.
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Is Artificial Intelligence to be feared?

Artificial Intelligence is the main talking point of today’s generation. Many people fear AI and the implications it might have on human civilization. But are these fears justified? Read on to find out:
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How is big data going to change healthcare in the future?

Big data is defined as the combination of structured and unstructured data that is collected by organizations to use for a number of functions. This data can be generated in a number of ways but is mainly the data that results from the daily operations of the company. This data is categorized by the three...
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