All you need to know about becoming a pilot in Pakistan

Do you want to become a pilot in Pakistan? Here’s all you need to know about the process, what requirements are needed, and how much time it will take you to get there:

Becoming a pilot is something that almost everyone had thought of at some point in their lives, particularly in childhood. Many of us wanted to become pilots since it looked like an appealing career to us when we were young. You get to travel the world, meet new people, and best of all: you get to be in the sky flying big planes. However, most of us eventually give up on this dream due to a number of possible reasons. Some of us are not physically capable (due to weak eyesight), some of us end up facing financial constraints, while some of us realize that our true passions lie somewhere else. There are actually very few of us who end up pursuing this career in adulthood as well. If you are on these people who have grown up and are still looking to become a pilot and want some guidance, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the information you need to help you realize your dreams and become a pilot in Pakistan.

 The process:

The process of becoming a pilot in Pakistan is actually fairly lengthy and complicated. It is not straightforward as is the case in some other jobs. You might need years of experience in the industry before you can reach the position where you could be called a certified pilot. However, if you follow all the procedures correctly, meet all the requirements, and, most importantly, have patience, then you will see that all your years of hard work will pay off when you receive your certification and start your job.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. You must do your own background research first from different sources before you jump in this world. You can use the internet to gather information about the process and what happens once you do get your certifications. You may also ask pilots in Pakistan who have gone through this procedure before to guide you.

2. To become a pilot, you need to have done FSc (or A Level with science subjects). If you did not take Math and Sciences in your secondary education, then you cannot become a pilot. FA, ICS, or any other secondary level education without Sciences will make you ineligible to pursue this career. You also need to have successfully obtained a minimum 2nd division in the F.Sc Science Examinations (or equivalent for A Levels).

3. After doing your secondary education in the Sciences, you need to acquire a Commercial Pilot license. This license is issued by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA). More information about this license and other certifications can be found here on PCAA’s website. You will need to pass physical tests, theoretical exams, and practical pilot exams in order to get this license.

4. Firstly, you will do a training course that will certify you with a Student Pilot License. In order to sit for the Student Pilot License examination, you need to complete three hours of flying. You will then have to pass examinations to get a Private Pilot license for which further 40 hours of flying experience is required to become eligible for giving the examinations. Lastly, you will need a Commercial Pilot license. The final test for the Commercial Pilot license is only taken by people who have completed 200 hours of flying (which is around 2.5 years) and have obtained the Student Pilot License and Private Pilot License earlier.

Other courses include Flight Instructors (FITS) and Aircraft Technicians Apprenticeship Program.

5. Once you get your Commercial Pilot license you need to complete your training for which you need to go to training school after which you will be fully certified to become a commercial pilot.

The pilot courses offered in Pakistan are recognized internationally. People from across the borders come to get their training which is a testament to the quality of these flight schools in Pakistan. Some famous flight schools include Schon Air, Lahore Flying Club, Hybrid Aviation Flying Club, Pakistan Aviators, Rawalpindi Flying Club, Multan Flying Club, and Peshawar Flying Club.

Pakistan’s geographical location is ideal for flight training. The lack of extreme cold weather conditions and the landscape allows great training opportunities for young pilots.

There are multiple local and international airlines operating in Pakistan allowing for various job opportunities for pilots in the country. For officially licensed pilots in Pakistan, it is much easier to get a job in Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as compared to the other private airlines. However, if you do look for them and pass the required specifications, then it is possible to get a job in these private airlines. Due to the recent economic crisis in the country, many airlines have suffered huge losses which have also impacted the number of job opportunities available for pilots.

The job of a pilot is a highly risky job which allows for greater compensation. The remuneration largely depends on the experience of the pilots. The more experienced they are, the higher the remuneration. Generally, the pilots are paid upwards of 100000 rupees per month on an average while much more senior pilots who put in a greater number of hours can be paid upwards of Rs 400000 as well.