Superior Entrepreneurial Demo Day Fall 2018

Superior Entrepreneurial Demo Day Fall 2018

11th December, 2018 marked a great milestone in the history of Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in the form of Superior Entrepreneurial Demo Day Fall 2018, where 150+ startup ideas were exhibited by Superior students. The key concept behind the event was to facilitate the students of Superior University with a platform to showcase their startup ideas and maximize on their chances of being self-employed rather than being unemployed after they graduate. Another factor contributing to the conceptualization of Superior Entrepreneurial Demo Day by Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University was the need to boost to innovation and creativity to promote entrepreneurial mindset in students that will in the long run change lives and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

To start the event, The Chairman The Superior Group, Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman performed the ribbon cutting ceremony with Dr. Sumaira Rehman Rector Superior University, Peerzada Samiullah Sb, Director General Superior University and Hisham ul Hassan Sb Registrar Superior University.

Each Display at the event was driven by a hardworking team of students who surprised the judges with their creative and innovative ideas. The panel of judges included, Ayesha Zahid – Executive Director ORIC, Mehak Jamal – Deputy Director Internationalization and Engagement Superior Group, Maria Naseer – Program Manager Innovation District 92 and Faizan Mahmood Manager Strategic Partnerships The Superior Group, Nadeem Chaudhary Head of Department CS & IT, Dr. Sheharyar Malik Dean CS & IT Superior University.

As the judges went through the displays they came across amazing ideas that are as follows:

That’s Engineer Milk Shop! An agritech startup based on the idea of testing milk for impurities through an app that would enable users to order and rate the quality of milk.

Insu Green Cool Homes – An idea that proposed that indoor temperature should be controlled by the means of architecture that uses Bamboo for insulation.

Blink and Play – a startup to facilitate the entertainment for the physically impaired people. They can control a game by the blinking their eyes and face gestures.

Stance Motorworks – a car modification application website offering a car modification carnival in different cities.

Create Confirm Check: earning and learning. Paid internship through architects.

Recyle bin – The idea meant using a sorting machine to separate materials and then selling the sorted materials to recycling companies.

Brain strikers: Brain boosting games.

Agri profit: happy farmer, happy Pakistan – the idea proposing farmers being connected to the buyer via a mobile app.

Online Digital Pressure Cooker –  A pressure cooker that would stop the blasting and notify the user on phone when the food is ready by electronically measuring the pressure.

Life saver tech Inventors: Safety at first – Car ignition won’t start unless the driver has seat-belt on.

Skeptic – When tech meets social enterprise – A tech gadget to ensure the safety of the blind and deaf with a pair of smart glasses that they named, “Skeptic”.

However, only three startup ideas won out of the 150+ ideas being displayed at the Superior Entrepreneurial Demo Day Fall 2018. It was definitely a tough call for the judges and Dr. Sumaira Rehman to choose from so many amazing and innovative ideas. Dr Sumaira Rehman Rector, Superior University and Director CMACED, with Chaudhary Abdul Rehman, Chairman The Superior Group and Mr. Nasarullah Malik – CEO of NEO TV Network took the stage to handover the prizes to the winners.

Third prize of Rs 5000 was won by three startup ideas i.e., “Patch Hub”, Swift Wear and AR creator. Archi Red was the second runner up and received prize money of Rupees 10,000. Skeptic won the first prize and won 30,000 worth of cash.

Prof. Dr. Chaudhary Abdul Rehman in his address to the students present at the event after the prize distribution ceremony, said that to boost entrepreneurship, Suprior University is not only providing such avenues to the students but has also started entrepreneurial mindset and emotional intelligence classes. He claimed that Superior University students know what a business model is, they know how to work hard and how to do teamwork. He said that he believes that if you think you can, then you can! He further thanked the teachers and coaches for making the event a success.

Special appearance was made by the starters of eye automate, the star alumni startup and the winner of several entrepreneurship programs not just in Pakistan but around the world.


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