Superior’s Plan IQ covers the basic three dimensions such as based curriculum, teachers being the facilitators, and in-house practicing labs. By not just following the footsteps of traditional institutes, Superior provides students with knowledge that will enhance their IQ with the solution entitled competency-based framework. Our students have the core competencies in being creative and innovative.


In order to cover the corporate academic gap, skill based curriculum has been designed with the partnership of professionals. Making students efficient in major management skills such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling is our key objective by organizing huge events such as Jamboree and others. The entrepreneurship courses taught at the university help students to think out of the box and come up with their own business plans and ideas. Merging the technology and entrepreneurial skills, technopreneurship facilitates students to initiate their own ideas in Information Technology field.


Superior university makes sure faculty members act as facilitators who help students think originally by practicing innovative teaching pedagogies and activity based contents. In order to stimulate, grow and enhance students interest towards the practical application of topics, different type of activities are conducted. Activities such as individual and group discussions, role playing, movie sessions, spontaneous presentations are conducted and relatable case studies are read and discussed. This type of teaching style makes students more practical and prepares them through experiential learning.

Case Studies

In order to learn about an organization and the practices, one has to be in it to win it. Superior uses case study sessions in order to excel student’s knowledge about organizations. This gives students a chance to understand the particular organization, their strategies, and their techniques. The case study provides a particular company’s contemporary practices, Sales forecast, financial credential and the management tools.

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Movie Screening

Visual Representation and depiction is always easier and considered to be a better learning process. Superior focuses on conducting movie screening sessions as well. Rather than going through dry course work, students learn various concept faster through visual presentation. Such techniques sometime work as a catalyst in order to generate new thoughts and ideas.

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Field trips

The Social context university provides often varies from one country to another. If being the essential need of the course, need of learning the local market dynamics and for the better understanding of the students, Superior initiates field visits to talk to real managers serving on key positions so that students can learn from their managerial experiences.

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Reflective logs

Superior encourages reflective reports for students learning. It helps them keep track of what they are taught in theory and what they have to practice. The students submit these reports in their final term projects to share their learning in this reflective writing form.

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