Become a Powerhouse of Skills in Your Area of Passion

Plan IQ exists to equip you with the right set of technical skills and attitude covering all the foundational elements necessary to make your mark in the professional world. Plan IQ comprises of Industry Driven Curriculum, Innovative Assessment Design, Innovative Pedagogies and Experiential Learning.

Industry Driven Curriculum & Innovative Assessment Design

Our world class curriculum is designed in collaboration with seasoned professionals to bridge the corporate-academia gap equipping you with the necessary tools and skills required to excel professionally.

The industry driven curriculum inculcates the learning-by-doing strategy which requires you to practically execute of the core management skills such as Plan­ning, Development, Strategic Manage­ment, Organizing, Financial Management, Communication Skills and Professional Development, Leadership & Team Man­agement at our mega events such Entrepreneurial Expo.

Innovative Pedagogies & Experiential Learning

Our competent faculty members are the true facilitators exercising innovative and activity based teaching pedagogies helping you unleash your hidden strengths and refine yourself as a potential professional.

Diverse activities are employed throughout university programs to enhance your learning experience and interest towards practical implementation of the concepts.

Class activities range from individual to group discussions while pop-up presentations, movie screenings, role playing, reflective logs and case studies inculcate deep analysis and acumen in you.

These experiential learning activities not only boosts your confidence but gives you an insight of the functioning of the corporate world.