Dr. Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani AP AHS

Syed Abdul Qadir Shah

Allied Health Sciences



  • PhDSalzburg University, Austria

Academic Achievements

    Non-academic Achievements

      Distinctions, awards & nominations

      • Marie Curie Fellowship, European Union


      • Nanotechnology, Nanomaterials, Biotechnology


      • 1. Yvonne Kohl, Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, Isabella Radauer-Preiml, Linda C. Stoehr, Matthew S.P. Boyles, Ngoc Tran, Victor Puntes, Thorsten Knoll, Thomas Velten, Hagen von Briesen, Jutta Horejs-Hoeck, Martin Himly, and Albert Duschl. Nanoimmunotoxicity assessment using pIL-6 and pIL-8 reporter lung epithelial cells and lensless microimaging. Ready for submission to NanoScale Research
      • Letters. (*shared first authorship) 2. Effect of surface charge silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles on cell viability and pro-inflammatory response in A549 cells. Syed Abdul Qadir Shah, Yvonne Kohl, Albert Duschl, Hagen von Briesen. Manuscript in preparation

      National Conferences

        International Conferences

        • ▪ 1 st Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology. Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles: Application, Research and Regulation, Risk Assessment and Risk Communication. Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), Berlin, Germany, Mar. 2015
        • ▪ Oral Presentation: New microchip-based imaging system for the investigation of NP-induced effects in vitro on chip level. *S. A. Q. Shah. International conference: Medical Applications of Nanoparticles: Safety Aspects. Borgo Scopeto, Siena, Italy, Apr. 2014
        • ▪ Poster-Presentation: Development of a new chip-based lensless imaging system for investigating nanoparticle-cell interaction under real time conditions. *S. A. Q. Shah, Y. Kohl and H. von Briesen. 2nd Qnano integrating conference, Prague, Czech Republic, Feb. 2013
        • ▪ Oral Presentation: Investigation of NP-induced effects in vitro using sensitive microchip-based imaging system. *S. A. Q. Shah. The 5th Sino-German Annual Meeting/Conference on Nanobiotechnology, St. Ingbert, Germany, Oct. 2012
        • ▪ Poster-Presentation: Study of silver nanoparticle-induced production of IL-8 and ROS in human lung cells. *S. A. Q. Shah, Y. Kohl, T. Knoll, A. Duschl and H. von Briesen. First NanoTOES international conference, Dublin, Ireland, July. 2012
        • ▪ Oral Poster-Presentation: Microchip-based lensless imaging system for real time cell characterization on chip level. *S. A. Q. Shah, Y. Kohl, T. Knoll and H. von Briesen. NanoBioTech-Conference, Montreux, Switzerland, Oct. 2012

        Organizational Awards