“Meet The Rector” with Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University

"Meet The Rector" with Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University

Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University, met the faculty and students of the Architecture Department today as “Meet the Rector” activity begins. Dr. Sumaira Rehman strives to ensure every department and its teaching pedagogies are aligned with the university’s vision and mission which is to become one of the leading universities of Pakistan by striving for excellence, learning, innovation and research.

meet the rectorTo serve this purpose “Meet the Rector” activity is carried out to uplift the existing education standards, enhance the learning experience of students and ensure the set quality standards of teaching methodologies of all departments are aligned for the bigger purpose.

In this activity, spread over a few weeks, Dr. Sumaira Rehman will be visiting one department every week and interacting with the faculty to discuss on modern teaching pedagogies and outcome based learning methodologies.

Furthermore, she’ll visit the ongoing classes to engage in a one on one meeting with the students to hear out their opinions and take their feedback.

The day ended with the Rector meeting with the department’s leadership where the strengths and areas of improvement identified are discussed in detail to draft the future plan of action.

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