International Conference on Management Research 2018

Dr. Mustafa Aydin International Conference on Management Research 2018

The 9th annual International Conference on Management Research 2018 brought together educationists and researchers under one roof from all over Pakistan, form Turkey and Malaysia.  The Conference was a collaboration of the Superior Group and Azra Naheed Centre of Research and Development focused on bringing “Business Excellence in Emerging Markets”. The two day conference from 29th to 30th November 2018 was a platform for young budding researchers to learn from the finest of specialized researchers and  present their own researches.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University opened the conference and stated that with initiatives like the ICMR 2018, the research culture in Pakistan will get a thrust and stimulate innovation and creativity. Dr. Mustafa Aydin, President Eurasian Universities also spoke about the critical role of research in education ecosystem. He also signed the Memorandum of Understanding that was aimed at strengthening the ties between EURAS and Superior University.

Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz, Minister Higher Education of Punjab, in his address, thanked guest researchers from Turkey and Emphasized that Quality Human Resource is the key to the success of many countries like China etc. He stated that Pakistan needs to produce quality graduates to create quality Human Resource and the Government wants to take steps to assist the private education sector.

Dr Muqaddas Rehman, Director Azra Naheed Centre for Research Development thanked all the guests for marking their presence at the occasion. She said that in order to bring change we have to create excellence through knowledge and that ANCRD is determined to create, innovate and concentrate through research. She further alleged that the idea of studying foreign research in local context has become the core of emerging markets and that the objective of ICMR is to turn the challenges of emerging markets into possibilities through research.

As the panel discussions started, a number of prominent and professional researchers sat down and suggested ways to bring business excellence in emerging markets. It was determined through the panel discussion that Business Excellence is must to achieve to meet the challenges of emerging markets and that consistent innovation can help solve the challenges of the marketplace today. Another outcome of the panel discussion was that in order to survive the competition given to existing products by new products in a given market, organizations need to strategize to improve and continuously innovate. It was also established that innovation needs also be sustainable, that can be achieved through strong systems and standards at the foundation level of organizations.


On the second day of ICMR, young researchers presented their researches to a panel of judges and received professional feedback ad insights. The end of ICMR was marked by the presenting of Souvenirs to the Guest by Dr. Sumaira Rehman and Dr. Muqaddas Rehman.








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