Any Questions?

Is GAT mandatory for PhD?

No, GAT is not mandatory for PhD.

What is the eligibility of PhD?

Candidate must have 18 years of relevant academic background with at least 3 CGPA, and to qualify the interview is mandatory.

Is there any fee to freeze & unfreeze the program?

There are no fees for that.

Is there any fee for change the program?

After submission of fee in one program, rupees 10,000/- are the transfer charges, but before fee submission student can get transferred from one program to another without paying any fee.

What is the difference between Aviation Management & Technology?

Aviation management is having all that managerial knowledge and on the other hand technology supports the technicality of plane.

What is Split Degree Program?

Split degree program is an opportunity for Superior students to complete one half of the degree here at Pakistan (Superior) and rest of the half degree can be transferred to any one of our international partner universities.

What is the eligibility of Pharm D & DPT?

For Pharm D 60% & for DPT 50% marks are required in FSc Pre Medical or equivalent.

What is the duration of each semester?

Each semester consists of 6 months duration.

Are there any optional subjects in MS/MPHIL instead of research thesis?

No, there is no such option as Superior offers every semester degree with research work only.

Is ICS student eligible to apply in BS Computer Engineering?

Yes, he/she is eligible in BS Computer Engineering with Physics, Math and Computer.

What is Admission Process?

Get your prospectus along with admission form, submit it with academic credentials, clear the Admission test and interview and then pay your fee.

Is there any entry test to get enrolled?

Yes, there is an entry test for all programs.

What are the Admission dates for fall and spring?

Fall starts in mid Jun and spring starts from January 1st week usually.