EURAS Academy 2018

EURAS Academy 2018

On 28th November, 2018, Superior International Week 18 saw a training conducted by EURAS Academy, where Representatives from EURASIAN partner members from across international borders were present. Principals, Deans and HODs from different Universities from across Pakistan were also invited to be a part of the training. The event started with an introduction by the Director of Breeo International – Hussain Haider, followed by the representative from EURAS Academy- Irem Arman – Advisor to the President of EURAS and Director Operations, Eurasia International Higher Education Commission, who introduced EURAS Academy and talked about the opportunities made available through this platform to universities and educationists in the EURASIAN region:

EURAS Academy, formed in 2008, is an international educational association with 90 member Universities from all across West and Central Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East and the whole of Asia, aimed at raising the bar of educational standards in the EURASIAN region. EURAS seeks to connect universities from different geo-political and cultural backgrounds and enhance their communication for the exchange of best educational practices. EURAS has a mission of :

  • Building networking and collaboration among the member universities
  • Improvising the standards of Higher Education
  • Promoting innovation
  • Promotion of international policy development
  • Promoting exchange of students and academic staff
  • Representing the interests of member universities on a global platform
  • Strengthening Eurasian leadership by imparting knowledge and exchange of best practices

By holding this training in Pakistan at the Superior International Week 2018, EURAS Academy meant to achieve support from one of its International Eurasian partners for the cause of expansion in the field of international education, Exchange of thoughts and information to support the internationalization strategy of EURAS and making Pakistani Higher Education Institutions the drivers of regional development and success.


Irum Arman then invited the representatives from Universities and schools present at the workshop to join hands with the EURASIAN Universities Union and support their mission. Brandon Hall – Representatives from University of New Castle, Australia, then took the workshop forward by introducing the opportunities made available by Australian Universities. Q & A and sessions were then conducted by the speakers and towards the end refreshments were served to the attendees.


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