• Develop and maintain external partnerships and alliances with industries, corporations and alumni.
  • To communicate effectively to all our stakeholders about our institute’s activities and new ventures.

Vision & Mission

Vision:  “Strengthening Academia-Industrial Linkages to facilitate Superior Human Beings”

Mission:   To promote and support productive interaction between higher education and, industry in order to encourage the transfer of knowledge & expertise, and enhance the relevance of programs of teaching and research to the needs of employers and the economy.


Corporate linkages develop students according to the market needs with the required skill set and train the corporate world with the latest discoveries and innovations. At Superior, the Department of Public Relation and Communication (DPRC) helps graduates with their job placements, training and grooming. It increases communication and relationship with the stake holders such as Industry, media, faculty, researchers, staff, students, alumni, parents, visitors, other educators, public and government leaders at all levels. The department develops valuable relationships with large multinational firms and national companies to cooperate in various areas including facilitation in increasing employee’s education of our corporate partner organizations, providing polished fresh graduates for current and future employment needs and inviting them to enhance their learning in the training sessions, seminars, workshops, conferences being arranged under the umbrella of DPRC. Graduates have been trained by DPRC through training sessions on “Art of Communication” and “Stepping into the Professional World” in order to check the skills required to be successful in the corporate sector.
To expand their horizon beyond traditional paradigm, 60 corporate partners till now have acknowledged Superior for this learning initiative in keeping mutually beneficial ties with the corporate and alumni’s. Public Relations is an essential tool of social interaction and the corporate world and Superior feels it can be the beginning of a new era.


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Asif Aziz Khan

Haseeb Qasim Khan

M Yasir Abbas

Ali Abbas

Ismail Arshad