Director General - The Superior Group

Pirzada Sami Ullah Sabri

Mr. Pirzada Sami Ullah Sabri is the Director General at Superior University. He is a Ph.D. scholar in Business Administration and has 30+ published research papers/articles till date. He has participated in multiple national and international research conferences throughout the world and has various certifications from different bodies such as IATCA, IRCAQMS and EURAS Academy. He is renowned for his dynamic leadership, exuberance, hardworking aura and passion for his work. His tremendous efforts and zealous leadership is the cornerstone for his phenomenal growth and success, as now he has been a part of Superior University for more than 22 years. Beginning his career with Superior Group of Colleges in 2001 as a Lecturer in Commerce related subjects for and, he played an extra-ordinary role by enlightening the students with his outstanding vision, remarkable wisdom, exposure, knowledge and expertise over his courses as well as mentoring and counselling the students throughout the way. He paid specific attention to their grooming and inculcated the spirit of leadership and highest moral and ethical standards among the students. As a hallmark of his laborious and diligent efforts he was promoted to the role of Registrar in 2005. He played multiple roles as the Registrar of Superior University, from correspondence with all regulatory bodies such as HEC, Government of Punjab, and Governor Secretariat to correspondence with Accreditation Bodies such as PEC, PCATP, NBEAC, NCEAC, PMDC and PCP. In addition he supervised the entire process of recruitment, nomination of members to various authorities and other bodies in prescribed manner. Similarly he was heading the planning and execution of teachers training program in different quality circles. He was the sole custodian of the common seal and academic records of the university. In addition he was the authority to monitor the completion of academic audits at the end of semester. Maintained and sustained the University registered students. He also planned, strategized and conducted the Monthly Review Meetings of the staff. He refined his administrative skills through his majors in Human Resources Management, Marketing Management & Information Technology. Not only he has groomed himself personally but he has focused all of his interests in practicing and ensuring the highest standards of excellence being maintained at Superior through quality education, research and innovation to make Pakistan Economically Superior. He is now the Director General of Superior University, and his charisma is reflected in everything that he does as he is looking after New Ventures, Academics and the Administration. He works in conjunction with the strategic vision of the Superior University and his responsibilities revolve around the general management and organization of the university’s services, resources and technical-administrative staff, as well as the tasks required under governing administration management. He led the University in a remarkable manner and took it to the level where everyone applauds him for his dedication. We believe, he is Superior’s Superhero who has always achieved the impossible. He is a reflection of our leadership and an asset for our organization which everyone honors because of his loyalty, determination and honesty.