Convocations mark the capstone of an amazing journey of educational obligation. This long awaited growth-dream of your parents, who always cherish to see you excelling in life, comes true on the convocation day. This is when you get certified for becoming learned, educated and qualified to step into professional life proudly. The grand event of receiving your well-earned degree has to be enjoyed and celebrated whole heartedly. Convocation day mark an absolute combination of your lifetime memory filled with fun, emotions and tears. The convocation gown, rolled degree card and the overall ambiance in itself is the most precious accomplishment. Superior Convocations are unmatchable in the overall objectivity of celebration, creativity and festivity, of which our students are dreamers and the alumni are still nostalgic. At Superior, your academic achievement is celebrated on the convocation day in an ambiance of grace and grandeur. The daylong event mark two sessions, one being the informal and the other being formal session. In the Informal session, students exhibit their creative selves by paying tribute to university life through live performances, songs, pictorial exhibition, speeches and different skits. This lively session fulfills every heart with passion and emotions while bidding good bye to the precious memories of this remarkable phase of life. In the formal session however, his Excellency, the honourable Chancellor and the Chief guests address the students to give them an advice for leading their lives professionally and tips to become blue-eyed of their respective industries for an emotionally and professionally successful life ahead.