To Generate and sustain a optimistic learning environment through transformation of professional skills and elevation of team building to develop Human Capital

Center for Human Resource Development (CHRD) at Superior is dedicated to guarantee professional and organizational development through specialized forums in diverse categories. The center brings quality human resource development through training and development programs for faculty, staff, students and the general masses. CHRD is dedicated to boost individual potential and align it to the vision, mission and goals of Superior University for the real organizational development.

CHRD works rigorously on the following core objectives:

  • Providing training opportunities to the faculty, staff and our prestigious alumni, current students and the society over-all.
  • Building quality network of durable corporate-academia-relations by organizing various events and informative seminars.
  • There are several forums such as Superior Marketing Forum, Superior Quality Forum and Superior HR Forum working under CHRD and serving to build corporate relations with industrial and service sector organizations in order to maximize the odds of student employment.
  • Providing support to the Job Placement Cell and Superior Alumni Association in arranging career events is the top priority of CHRD.
  • Inviting seasoned scholars, intellectuals, trainers, professionals and business tycoons to Superior workshops & seminars in order to let our students update their knowledge.
  • Building quality networking and corporate relations with the market.

  • Superior HR Forum

This distinguished forum works on policies of strategic development of the corporate sector. We feel that besides imparting knowledge, skills and abilities to our students, it is our social responsibility to enhance value of the working lives of corporate professionals. This knowledge sharing forum offers authentic knowledge and experience to all heads of departments, supervisors, executives, students and those who look forward to revolutionize their lives. These sessions are led by the top most trainers, well-known practitioners and corporate HR professionals. The topics chosen in these forums mostly have relevance with the best local and international HR practices.

  • Superior Marketing Forum

The business world poses new challenges each day. Professional life has become highly competitive and diversified today. To prove yourself a successful professional, you have to face the existing tough realities, and here comes the role of Superior Marketing Forum that prepares and develops you. Superior Marketing Forum aims at developing valuable relationships with marketing professionals from sound companies. Seasoned professionals are invited from different industries to share their strategies of producing higher sales, acquiring new customers, extending continuing relationships with current customers and building influence among prospective partners. In addition to such reliable first-hand information from experts, Superior HR Forum continues to deliver a series of presentations, seminars and peer networking events on regular basis.

  • Superior Quality Forum

Superior Quality Forum is all the way extremely unique platform that aims at sharing knowledge with high class professionals in the field of “Total Quality Management” (TQM). This forum reflects the quality of our vision and foresight. The continuous diversification and expansion in public and private sectors makes the forum quite valuable for individuals. Innovative systems like process improvement techniques, Six Sigma Black Belt, 5S, Kano Model, Gamba Kaizen and Quality Function Deployment are matchless and have international recognition. These tools provide a great assistance for the development of corporate professionals.

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