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How is big data going to change healthcare in the future?

Big data is defined as the combination of structured and unstructured data that is collected by organizations to use for a number of functions. This data can be generated in a number of ways but is mainly the data that results from the daily operations of the company. This data is categorized by the three...
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What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in Fine Arts?

Fine Arts is a field that has gained a lot of rep in the past. With the newer generation of young innovative individuals, people are starting to look at Fine Arts as a field that can provide lucrative opportunities for creative people. However, for many people, Fine Arts is a field that only those people...
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Do pilots use mathematics?

Are you not good at Math but want to become a pilot? Do you want to know whether pilots use Math in their work? Here are all the answers: Math is a very polarizing subject. You either love it or hate it. Many people who identify with the latter group often wonder which jobs require...
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