Every organization, brand and sector is influenced by public opinion but it is the notion of your target audience that exposes key truths about how to run your business or project. While most research firms think their job starts and ends with obtaining the data. At Azra Naheed Consultants, numbers and statistics are just the beginning. We believe that research is not just about finding the facts; it is about discovering the truth and putting it to best use. Research is about people and finding out the ways to positively influence them. Done right, research helps you connect with people in new and informative ways and we ensure that you always stay one step ahead of others.

A.N. Consultants is a fast growing full-service Social and Marketing Research Consultancy with the sole aim of providing our clients with reliable and applicable information for making right decisions. We deliver practical and creative solutions that are founded on technical excellence. This is reinforced by our core values: dedication to our clients’ success; innovation and results.
We not only have proficient professionals with diversified expertise but also have the infrastructure and material resources essential to plan and execute any sort of project; from Marketing Research to Branding Consultancy. At A.N. Consultants, we are committed to provide quality services, on time completion of the projects; maintain a close liaison and personalized services to our clients beyond just satisfaction. We always try to have better understanding of our client’s needs and complexities of the awarded assignment and take every possible care in course of executing the project.

How can we help?

The services being offered are diverse in nature to ensure significant importance in the progression of our clientele. We use holistic approach to serve our clients in a number of capacities; from inception of an idea to its successful execution. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate method to reach your audience and tailor results to inform both strategic and tactical decision-making.


  • To develop and promote a research usage culture in Pakistan.
  • To become the leading branding consultancy firm of internationally recognized standards.


  • To become the reliable local partner of international marketing, social research and branding agencies.
  • To attain strategic and operational excellence and continuous improvement of ethos.


  • Be a partner to serve and help our clients in accomplishing their goals and objectives that ring cash registers.
  • Establish our credibility as one of the best service providing agencies in the range of our operational areas.
  • Attain client’s trust and build long-term business relationships with them.

Our Commitment

At A.N. Consultants, we understand the importance of the services we offer and we are committed to the mission of serving our customers realize their full potential. Understanding the ever evolving market needs, we want to continuously advance our company to be in the best position to serve our clientele. We take our service quality and time commitments very seriously.

We offer the comprehensive range of research services including both qualitative and quantitative techniques. We design and execute research projects as per clients’ exact objectives. Main areas of our expertise are as follows:

Marketing Research
Field Services
Social Research
Branding & Identity

Management Consulting
Information Technology
Educational Services

Our clients range from large, multinational corporations to demanding, energetic startups. From the smallest company to the largest, we offer our clients our expertise, our talents, and our loyalty.

Shuja Ud Din Bhatti

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Telephone: 042-35330361-3