Are You Aligned with our Vision of 2022?

29th Academic Council Meeting

On the 29th Academic Council Meeting, Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector, Superior University had all her goals aligned with the mission of achieving vision 2022. At this meeting, a vote on an agreement of senior university members was taken on the latest advancements in the syllabus.

Vision 2022

Wondering what vision 2022 is? It is to get Superior University ranked the first in Pakistan. The strategy for this is to make the values truly reflect in its curricula, activities and in you.

The value that is emphasized the most is your success. Dr. Sumaira believes that it is important to disseminate knowledge and industry-specific skills to you. We, at Superior University, have value-added features along with theories to let your career trajectories unravel during your study life.  

High-Quality Education

Providing quality education is a must. The management ensured that the University’s curriculum is not only to be approved by HEC but also international bodies so that in case you plan to go on an exchange program, the courses learned are worth the time spent. Also, Dr. Sumaira Rehman mentioned during the meeting that, “Our courses are IEEE approved.”

You see, vision 2022 will not just be achieved with excellent courses offered to you. The university model has to be such that it incorporates any change that occurs in the external environment. “Our main stakeholder is the student,” said Dr. Sumaira Rehman, “Therefore, the curricula and structure of policies should be such that it is changed easily so that the students can progress. It is only when they achieve their dreams is when the university is ranked the best amongst all.”

Education has to go beyond the standard curricula. For this Dr. Sumaira reinforced that academicians can inculcate curiosity among the students so that new ideas can erupt to cultivate the culture of change. Do you see this happening in your classrooms? It was also discussed that trusting the academic system is important so automation of processes is taking place.

The Gold Campus

Dr. Sumaira announced that a new site dedicated to CS & IT under the name Gold Campus is built for ongoing and upcoming batches where experimentation and simulation on the Internet of things in advanced labs will get you ready for real-life situations. She emphasized that “With the world progressing towards Big Data, Internet of Things, Blockchain and freelancing, it is important to show them how they can tackle with these new technologies so that they are able to plan their businesses or job roles better than the others.”

ACM29Entrepreneurship at its Peak

Thinking out-of-the-box and bringing forth innovation is a challenge that we as Pakistanis face. Therefore, Entrepreneurship is introduced as a compulsory course across all departments as Dr. Sumaira wishes to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset in you. “We want the students to already be an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur when he/she graduates,” stated Dr. Sumaira Rehman during 29th Academic Council Meeting. Do you think this is a good decision made by them? 

A revamping of curricula and policies already under executed discussed on the 29th Academic Council Meeting is a proud moment for us being affiliated to Superior University. This big achievement has shown that the vision of founders is on its way to being achieved. Do you believe the same? If you do, then this is a symbol that the management is making a difference in your lives.


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