Department of Public Relation & Communication


The contribution of Superior for promoting higher education has been substantial in building the human capital and has been the need of this era of growth and advancement of our country. Today unprecedented competition of the world puts an ever growing demand on individuals to have higher level of competence and greater capacity to learn that are the core exceptions of this growing knowledge economy.

The idea of corporate linkage is to develop students according to the market need with the required skillset and train the corporate world with the latest discoveries and innovations. At Superior, the Department of Public Relation and Communication (DPRC) facilitates graduates in their job placements, trainings and grooming. DPRC aims to enhance communication and relationship with all stake holders Superior which include Industry, media, faculty, researchers, staff, students, alumni, parents, visitors, other educators, general public and government leaders at all levels. Besides developing and maintaining partnerships and alliances with different organizations, industries, corporations and alumni Superior DPRC has been successful in bridging the gap between academia and industry through identifying the areas of collaboration, coordination and mutual support. DPRC is establishing valuable relationships with large multinational as well as national companies to cooperate in a broad range of areas which includes facilitation in enhancing education of the employees of our corporate partner organizations, providing them talented fresh graduates for their current and future employment needs and inviting them to enhance their learning in the training sessions, seminars, workshops, conferences being arranged under the umbrella of DPRC. Moreover, by arranging events for the corporate and alumni, DPRC has groomed the passing out graduates through training sessions on “Art of Communication” and “Stepping into the Professional World” so that they could match the skills that are required to be successful in the corporate sector.

Till now, 60 corporate partners have thanked Superior for this learning initiative in creating and maintaining mutually beneficial ties with the corporate, alumni in order to expand their horizon beyond traditional paradigm. Public Relations is a natural, essential and recurring element of social interaction and the corporate world. We at Superior feel it as a beginning of a new era in building public relations and the best of it is yet to come.